Life Coaching for individuals who seek greater understanding of their purpose in life and how to find skills that fit their lifestyle and push through barriers toward obtaining a greater enrichment in life.


Adolescent Coaching for young people who are struggling to cope with the diversity of options in their lives, how to navigate their current situation, and apply this to their long-term life goals.


Coaching for parents in need of solutions and skills to better help their child's psychological and physical development.


Coaching for couples who are seeking a better harmony in their relationship and who believe that mediation, along with skills and tools, could help take their relationship to the next level. Options for services include just one of the individuals in the coupled relationship.


Coaching for those who find success in their professional careers, yet seek bigger improvements in their ability to balance their hard-working lives with the fun that life can provide (family, friendships, and self-care).


Coaching for those on the go and in any location. Available to all.


Every individual, couple, and family has an idea of what they want in life and how they want this life to play out. Let’s face it; sometimes it is just plain old tough to follow through with. But with a Coach that can push you towards your goals and guide you through them, you can reach a level of life that you have always dreamed of.

In my work, I have seen burned out business professionals seeking a better connection in understanding their mental health, and even though they have learned to work their tail off for the big bucks, they are feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and devoid of true pleasure in their lives.

I have seen couples faced with problems and patterns that have made their lives feel unmanageable, untenable, and downright unpleasant. Couples come to coaching lacking hope, and what they find are usable solutions and a dedicated mediation that works to help them learn how to ask the right questions of their spouse and learn the patience to hear the answers.

My work has connected me to some very down-and-out teens and young adults. As the world becomes more complicated with technology, their struggles become magnified and their routes to success narrower. But with Coaching and mentorship, I have personally witnessed many young people overcome their challenges and become the individuals they knew they could be but never knew how.

I also have worked with many different families who have sought answers to their struggles, disagreements, and fights, but who could not find the services that were able to adequately address their complex problems. With Coaching, I have seen families go from complete chaos to being able to sit at a table and talk about their complex problems without escalating into arguments and further resentment. Many families truly need a mediator and coaching to get past the issues that leave them feeling stuck in lifelong patterns.

This Coaching service combines therapeutic knowledge with the act of doing. Active engagement is highly promoted, and new paths toward success are provided in experiential ways. Life does not need to feel stagnant any longer.


The program is simple and custom to each individual, couple, and family. First, a free consultation is scheduled to ensure that coaching is right for you. Next, while meeting with the Coach, you will be able to open up about the problems and barriers that are keeping you and your loved ones from making the necessary progress for change. Then, goals are delineated and the road to these goals is discussed. A detailed plan is created and tailored specifically for you and your loved ones’ goals. Often in coaching, the coach tells you the best way to live; however, due to the individualistic needs and wants in all people, this coaching ensures that the strategies and goals fit you, your loved ones, and your true life purpose.

The essence of this program is to connect the services such as therapy and counseling with the experiences of the real world. Putting therapy into action is essential, and creating meaningful experiential learning enhances and promotes growth in ways that traditional therapy cannot provide. Think of this service as a Personal Trainer for Life and Growth.

Free Consultation

For a limited time, all initial consultations are FREE to ensure that this service fits the needs of you and your family’s goals.

It must be hard to reach out and find help for yourself and for the ones you love. This service seeks to ensure that what you need is what you find, and if it is with someone else, then we are happy to help navigate you and your family to a proper level of care.

Weekly Sessions

The individual/couple/family will meet with the coach one time per week. More or less time is also an option. Specific environments will be sought to maximize growth. This is especially important for individual sessions and couple sessions.

Length of service will depend on the needs of the individual or family and the degree of other guiding supports in place.

If you would like something more custom and flexible, please feel free to ask, and your accommodation will likely be granted.

Respect & Connect

The first two sessions will be specifically to connect with and gain the respect of those involved. The coach will work diligently to ensure that the individuals coached feel connected, empowered, and respected by the coach.

Everyone has a desire to be connected, and this service seeks to connect individuals with themselves, and teaches how this connection can enhance interpersonal growth in the professional world, the schooling environment, and the larger community.

Goal Oriented

Sessions will be specifically oriented around the goals of the individual and/or family. During the Free Consultation, and the first few sessions, goals will be discussed and mapped out together with the coach to ensure that the outcome of coaching reaches the goals that are intended.  Everyone in this world has their own way of doing things, and it is important that the coaching be tailored to you and your family. Your say is extremely important in helping you make goals, as well as to brainstorm the barriers that keep coming up in your life. Coaching will enhance your ability to break through these barriers, all while doing it YOUR way.

After a foundation is established and goals delineated, a specific plan will be created called the ‘Atlas Plan.’ The ‘Atlas Plan’ seeks to get specific about ‘where we want to go, how we are going to get there, and what we will see along the way.’


Next, depending on the goals, the coach will work toward creating, establishing, promoting, and connecting you and your family to the resources that will enhance the potential of success in this area.

These options will be expressed through the ‘Atlas Plan,’ and the coach will create experiential moments that will empower individuals to find connection within themselves through confidence they find in their incremental success.

Customized Sessions

Sessions will be based off of the goals outlined in the ‘Atlas Plan’ and are custom to each individual and family. The degree of variability is significant. Some individuals need help balancing the intensity of their work week, and the needs of their home. Others may be struggling to connect with their spouse or significant other.  Some may have a child or teenager who they see struggling with life-choices and need guidance toward a more fulfilling future. Many others may need coaching to better connect with themselves and to lead a more mindful life.

 Let’s not forget that some people simply need help finding direction! 

Exploration is the key, not only for adolescent growth, but for all. Exploring ones options in how to live at a higher potential can reap benefits that may seem impossible without guidance and coaching.  We want to work together to maximize the potential of ourselves and help to create moments that will enhance the quality of life for you and your family.


take back the control in your life.

In order to truly change the patterns in your life, you must change the way you see everything.

It is a mindset that you are cultivating so that you can use these strategies in any and all areas of your life.

You have beliefs about yourself that are holding you back, and coaching can help push you past your barriers and give you the strength to push you closer toward success in your way.

You are not on a path to become like everyone else, but to find your way and to do it in a method that works specifically for you.

Everyone is different and everyone desires different things in life to enjoy.

Coaching can help you change your mindset, clarify your goals, and hold you accountable in order to reach those goals.


Since David began coaching and in his years of therapy and mental health work, he has worked with many people who, while having the skills and know-how to propel their lives to the next level, do not know how to start or where to turn for that first step. David has seen teenagers embattled with stress and depression and grown adults in fear of failure and afraid to make mistakes.

Experience: David has experience working with individuals with a wide array of difficulties and struggles. After graduating summa cum laude from Temple University with a dual B.A. degree in Psychology and History, David has found a passion in integrating historical understanding with cutting edge psychological research. David has applied this work toward helping people and families dealing with a multitude of issues ranging from depression, anger, anxiety, and generalized relationship difficulties, to drug-addiction, sex-offending behavior, and criminal behavior. David has most recently worked using the Ecosystemic Family Therapy Model through the Philadelphia Child and Family Therapy training Center. With this training, David served the Montgomery County Area with in-home Family Therapy. This experience of seeing the real-life struggles that play a role in people’s lives from the vantage point of their home was a key factor in creating a service that specifically caters to the individual characteristics of each person. This experience has shaped a new understanding in David and enhanced the skills he needs to best connect with people and help them to grow in their own way, in their own environments. These environments, or systems, include families, teachers, coaches, friends, and any other social relationships that people face in their daily lives. To learn more about David’s expertise, please reach out and ask.

In David’s years of research and study, he has found that the ways in which people think about their own selves and experiences literally create pathways in their neurological functioning that either promote positive living or keep them bound to the struggles they seem to always fall into. You do not have to live this way anymore. You and your loved ones can change, and coaching through these patterns may be your answer.

Life Purpose Counseling Coach LLC seeks to empower individuals, couples, and families to break old patterns and learn effective new strategies that will transform lives. It begins with how one feels about themselves and their current situation. Our own beliefs (and the beliefs we learn from others about ourselves) keep us down and unable to break through our problems and barriers. What if I told you this did not have to be the case? What if I told you that you can live up to your life purpose, learn to love life, and wake up refreshed and ready each morning? Would you believe me? You should.


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